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The Speaker’s Bureau is a collection of professionals in the Greater Moncton area who are interested in helping young New Brunswickers to engage in employment in this province. It’s an opportunity to share career stories and advice with the next generation of our workforce. We are looking to connect teachers and students to employers from various industries and professions. Connections to the workforce are key to developing career awareness and interest. With your expertise, students can discover a new field of interest and you can build your pipeline of future employees.

Once we receive a request for a speaker, 3+ Corporation will search the volunteer database to find a suitable match. If you are a good fit, an email will be sent to you with request details. Volunteering through the Speaker’s Bureau has no minimal time commitment; you accept only the opportunities that fit your schedule. Once a request is accepted, you and the educator will coordinate dates and times, plus details about the request. Speaking activities can range in lengths and formats. You could join the class for an in-person presentation or via virtual classroom depending on your preferences.

All speaking engagements are unique, however, speakers can talk about their jobs, career path, daily tasks, education, requirements for the job, etc.
Your story could include:

  • Who you are, what you do and why you chose this career?
  • Where you went to school and your education
  • Your past jobs
  • Your current role
  • Your daily tasks
  • Types of people who should consider your type of work
  • Interesting details that people might not know about the job or the employer
  • Experiences or stories you are comfortable sharing with students

By participating in this program, you are directly providing experiential learning opportunities to students. You will help youth make direct connections between their classroom learning and the real world of employment. This helps to create student engagement, motivation, knowledge, and resiliency.

We encourage people of all backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities to volunteer for the Speaker’s Bureau. We want to ensure all students feel seen and have role models they can look up to.

For any questions or concerns, please contact: