Alain Parent does not believe in taking short cuts with his clients and that rational approach has led to the success of Transparent Benefits, a Dieppe-based company he founded and incorporated in 2017.

The financial services company works with entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized firms, and larger organizations looking to get the best value for their group benefits packages.

“Our goal,” Parent said, “is to efficiently balance cost management and value-added disability, health and dental benefits, including wellness and financial literacy awareness for their employees and family members. We can also provide incorporated business owners and professionals with advice regarding corporate life insurance and pension in terms of tax planning.”

The best way to achieve this goal is to provide individualized service. “If I work with a solopreneur or an entrepreneur with a few employees, the approach will be quite different than if I work with a larger firm,” said Parent, who regards himself as a benefits specialist.

“We are in business to build relationships, to get to know very well our clients and their family members, not to sell or push a product. We believe in taking the time to educate our clients. Education is the key to make sound financial decisions.”

Parent worked his way up the corporate ladder for 20 years and endured through a restructuring period before forming his own insurance consulting company and launching Transparent. He is licensed to practice and has clients in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario.

“Our philosophy is being transparent with clients about their finance, benefits and pension throughout the process and providing in-depth and knowledgeable advice,” he said.

His goal for Transparent Benefits is to build more strategic partnerships while offering face-to-face services.