Marc LeBlanc will never back down from a challenge. 

The president of Port Royal Distillers, which produces acclaimed Snowfox Vodka at its 16,000 square-foot headquarters in the Moncton Industrial Park, knows two or three large multinationals control the world’s vodka supply.

LeBlanc is meeting them head on.

“It was our goal to create a brand that could compete with the spirits that are sold globally,” he explained.

“We want to be recognized as a uniquely Canadian product that Canadians can call their own. It’s not just competing against the big companies, it’s offering quality. So far, the reaction has been very satisfying. People like our quality and our affordability.”

About eight years ago, LeBlanc did his homework on entering the distilling business. After looking at several options, he discovered vodka would be the most profitable in the shortest amount of time because it does not have the ageing component needed by other spirits.

“We also had easy access to the raw materials in the Canadian market,” he said. “From start to finish, this is a Canadian story and we’re proud of the way we’ve kept it that way. I think the consumers also appreciate our Canadian story.”

The Snowfox logo is also distinctively Canadian and is easily found in stores. The unmistakable label shows a blue-eyed Arctic fox that catches the attention of the consumer with both a warm and chilling way.

“It tells everyone that we are Canadian, where we like clean living, a clean atmosphere and respectful of our environment,” LeBlanc said.

“This is our brand…our own brand and we’d like to have it recognized all over the world as a leading Canadian brand.”

Snowfox has been a popular choice among vodka consumers in the Maritimes and Ontario since 2012 and the line will be available in Quebec this fall.

“We’ve actually had requests from all over the world,” the Port Royal Distillers president said. “We expect the brand to continue to grow.”

“We’re offering a premium product at an affordable price. We’re keeping it less than $30, which is true to the original business plan we started with many years ago.  The future is looking bright for Snowfox.”