Liu and his wife Judy have owned and operated the Silvery Moon Chinese food restaurant, on Coverdale Road in Riverview, for more than 10 years and they are proud of the commendations they receive from customers. Paul Liu calls it the ultimate compliment.

In particular, the large number of patrons who have moved to Greater Moncton from China have been appreciative.

“Our food is very good – it is close to real Chinese food,” Liu said. “There are a lot of Chinese newcomers who have come here and they like our food because it is authentic,” he added. “It means a lot to me when they say nice things about our food. Other people like it, too, but it is very nice to hear these words from Chinese people.”

The restaurant, which features a cozy, home-style décor for sit-down dining and a busy take-out service. Silvery Moon’s eight employees are proud of the large menu, which also includes a few Canadian food favorites.

“They talk a lot to our customers, and they see a lot of them come back a lot of times,” said Liu, a modest 42-year-old who immigrated to Canada from Shanghai, where many of the recipes on the Silvery Moon menu originated.

“We have been doing well because of our food and our service,” he noted. “It’s a lot of hard work to keep it going, but we like to see our customers come back every week.”

The restaurant is open every day except Mondays and public holidays, and lunch specials are presented at lunch time. “We are not just a Riverview restaurant,” Liu said. “We are here for everyone. People have been very kind to our business.”