Established in April 2020, the Southeast Labour Market Partnership (SLMP) was created to provide oversight, direction, and accountability, for the implementation of the 2019 – 2024 Workforce Strategy for Greater Moncton and Southeast New Brunswick. The Strategy’s foundation is supported by four core pillars: To Connect, to be Inclusive, to be Informative, and to be Collaborative. Click here to read the full strategy.

The logo was thoughtfully designed to represent the region it covers, the people it includes, and the structure of the partnership. The yellow star stands tall for the Acadian people and the cultural heritage our region is rich with. The eye-catching waves stands for our beloved Petitcodiac river, affectionately known as the Chocolate River, that runs nearly 80 kilometers through southeast New Brunswick. The colors of these waves also symbolizes each of the four pillars of the strategy as described above.


  • 3+ Corporation

  • Opportunities NB

  • Expansion Dieppe

  • Greater Shediac Chamber of Commerce

  • City of Moncton

  • Working NB

  • The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton

  • Population Growth

  • Town of Riverview

  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

  • CBDC Westmorland Albert

  • CBDC Kent

The Strategy has 10 main objectives

Objective #1

To Connect Education and Industry.

Objective #2

To Connect Employers with Resources.

Objective #3

To Connect Talent with Opportunity

Objective #4

To Promote Integration and Inclusion with SMEs

Objective #5

To Support Labour Force Participation for All

Objective #6

To Increase Bilingual Workforce

Objective #7

To Align Greater Moncton’s Brand and Messaging

Objective #8

To Define and Target Select Markets

Objective #9

To Disseminate relevant Information.

Objective #10

To Mobilize the Southeast Labour Market Partnership


 Four working groups were created in May 2020 to execute the ambitious initiatives of the Strategy. Those initiatives will ensure our community continues to have a strong talent pipeline today, and tomorrow. The four groups are:

Labour Market Information

Tasked to ensure that industry leaders, government officials, and community stakeholders have an easy access to relevant and timely labour market information.

Talent Development

Responsible to ensure the local talent pipeline is turning out graduates with the interest and skills to start and advance their career.


Their task is to attract workers to our region from elsewhere in Canada and abroad, linked to the Local Immigration Partnership’s work on attracting immigrants and international students.


Their job is to help employers retain workers and encourages young people and others to stay and build their careers in the region.