At 3+ Corporation, we provide confidential support to stakeholders interested in learning more about investment opportunities in Greater Moncton. From introductions to community stakeholders, to assistance with the collection of business case research, or site selection support, we make your business, our business.

The relationship that we build with businesses continues long after launch. Continuous support is available to help Greater Moncton businesses ensure ongoing success and growth. Speak to someone today about your project and let’s work together.

Strategic Positioning
Cost Of Doing Business
Quick Facts

Strategic Positioning

Set up in one of the biggest cities in Atlantic Canada and reach over 1.3 million people within a 2.5-hour drive.

You will be connected through highways, railways, airports, and an intermodal distribution center, all within 20 kilometers. No matter what your needs are, Greater Moncton has it all.


Greater Moncton is one of the biggest cities in Canada’s maritime provinces, with a population of 162,422 inhabitants. Greater Moncton is the home of Université de Moncton, New Brunswick Community College, the world renowned Moncton Flight College, and many more post-secondary institutions.

60% of our population have received a post-secondary education (Statistics Canada, 2016). From highly skilled labourers to talented medical professionals, our productive community is the talent engine that will fuel the success of your future project.


Living in Greater Moncton is simply the best.

Nature is not only at our doorstep; it is in our city. In Greater Moncton, you will find arts and culture, family fun, premier events at the Avenir Center, 14 golf courses, warm hospitality, the largest casino in New Brunswick, and much more; there is always something to do!

Cost of doing business

In Greater Moncton, the average cost per square foot for a commercial Class A space is $30.09 and $25.19 for all classes. For an industrial space, the gross overall average is only $9.11 per square foot. Those numbers make us one of the most cost-competitive communities in Canada and the United-States. Greater Moncton was ranked 2nd in the cost for Electricity, 2nd in the cost for resolving insolvency, and 3rd in cost for Starting a Business categories for North America, according to the 2019 Cost of Doing Business Report (Arizona State University, 2019). We have a low corporate tax rate at 2.5% on a limit of $500 000, and 14% above $500k.

Greater Moncton CMA
By The Numbers

Greater Moncton & Southeast New Brunswick By The Numbers

Greater Moncton CMA
VS Halifax

Greater Moncton & Southeast New Brunswick VS Halifax

Quick facts

  • Almost 50% of the population speaks both official languages.

  • Greater Moncton is the safest large community in Atlantic Canada.

  • $335,100 average real-estate price.

  • Average household income of $76 963, higher than the national average.

  • One of the most cost competitive regions in Canada and the United-States for businesses according to KPMG and Arizona State University.

  • Beach and Sailing within 20 minutes of Greater Moncton.