A business counseling session is where you meet with a professional and develop your business idea and beyond. This is where you will plan, and discuss, with a member of our team. These meetings are designed with your success in mind. Let’s make it happen for you.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a small business owner, you can count on our free counselling service. We can help you with your business plan, training needs, market research, expansion plans, and much more.

Information available includes:

  • How to plan, register and start a small business.

  • Government services and regulation.

  • Economic and market information.

  • Templates and resources.

You will meet with a professional who has real-life experience in the business world. We know our local business community and can connect you with the right people. Your 3+ Corporation business counsellor is your ally for success.

What we do not do:

  • Judge your business idea.

  • Write the business plan and/or do the research.

We believe that the true value of a business plan lies in the knowledge of the industry, the competition, the market, and the business itself. Together, we can assess the current situation, plan for the future, and explore your options.