Revive Immigration & Visa Services is a registered and licensed immigration consulting company with a head office in Moncton, NB. The owner of the company, who is herself an immigrant, sat down with us to talk about her business and her experience of running a business in Moncton.

Sarabjeet Kaur, the owner of Revive Immigration and Visa Services, started being interested in the immigration process when in 2013 and 2014 she wanted to come as a student to Canada from India. With assistance from an immigration consultant from India, she prepared her study permit application. However, she was refused entry into Canada to study despite being an excellent student and having excellent grades. Sarabjeet later found out the consultant wasn’t registered with ICCRC (The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and was illegally practicing, with no certification or training which ultimately lead to her refusal. It was at this point that Sarabjeet started learning the immigration process, which helped her to be successful in her entry to Canada. She then began helping others with navigating the, sometimes confusing, immigration process. She enjoyed helping navigate the immigration process so much that she got a formal education in immigration services and took the numerous tests required to receive her immigration consultant license in December 2020. She is a member in good standing with  ICCRC, the national regulatory body that promotes and protects the public interest by overseeing regulated immigration and citizenship consultants.

To acquire more knowledge in business, she took 3+’s Business Immigrant Essentials course, which helped her in many ways including learning the incorporation process in New Brunswick. The 3+’s course that she took helped to boost her knowledge and skills when it came to business. The two-week course really helped to connect and solidify the things she already knew with business.

Revive Immigration and Visa Services helps people interested in immigrating to Canada understand the immigration process and represents them when dealing with the Canadian Immigration Services of Canada. As Sarabjeet explained to us, “there are different programs and requirements related to the immigration process depending on whether the person interested in immigration is seeking a study visa, a work permit, to move permanently with family, etc.”.

Sarabjeet also explained that her greatest challenge regarding starting her business was meeting people and networking, since she arrived in Moncton not knowing a soul. However, this challenge would not stop her from doing what she loved to do. As she told us “I truly love what I do, and I think I am meant to do this. Ever since I handled my immigration, the whole process has fascinated me”. Sarabjeet said that the most rewarding part of what she does is seeing people’s lives completely change for the better once they have been approved to come to Canada. She also very much enjoys being part of the greater Moncton business community. She likes how friendly people are and how willing people and organizations are to provide new businesses with assistance.

One piece of advice that Sarabjeet has for people starting local businesses in the Greater Moncton Region is to “know what your clients’ needs are, and how you can contribute to fulfilling these needs”. She believes that once you do this you should be on the right track to success.


Nicholas Caissie and Parker Barriault, 3+ Corporation