My name is Ivan Okello and I’m an immigrant from Uganda. As a young kid, I wanted to be many things when I grow up to be an adult. I wanted to be a pilot (because I loved watching planes in the sky), a doctor (because I wanted to treat sick people), a teacher (because I wanted to teach English and History) and also a farmer (because I loved eating fresh food from the farm). It seemed like I had to choose only one and forget all the others. Later on when I was 25 years old, I realized that the only thing that brought me so much joy was meeting people and sharing knowledge with them – they would teach me what they know and I would do the same. That is how I started as a trainer and facilitator. Many years after, I took interest in educating people about injustices in our communities and the world. This allows me to combine my love for meeting people and the joy of sharing with them how to build strong communities. When I’m not work, I grow food (like the farmer always wanted to be).