Project Description

I am an HR Professional who has worked in Hospitality for Delta Hotels (Marriott International ) as well as in the non for profit sector for a Settlement Agency. I started my career in the Hospitality industry and travelled across Canada in various roles for hotels , resorts and privately owned high end restaurants . When I turned 40 I went back to college and received my certification in HR management through UNB’s continuing education program. Some of the topics I would be happy to speak about : Work Readiness- creating CV’s and cover letters and how to seek employment when you haven’t had a formal job . What to expect in job interviews. I can also provide insight on how to navigate this as a newcomer to Canada. Career Goals and how to marry what your interests are with a career that will use your qualities to their best ability . Careers in Hospitality – What are the opportunities ? How do you train for a career in hospitality ? what are some of the benefits?