Can you introduce yourself and your business?

My name is Olatunji Osunkunle, preferred to be called by my middle name, Simeon. I moved to British Columbia in 2016 from Nigeria with my family. I am blessed with a beautiful wife, a gorgeous girl and a good-looking boy.

MyWay Express Inc. was founded in 2021 to meet the growing demand for delivery services in Moncton. We offer tailored and rush delivery services within The Greater Moncton Area – scheduled delivery to some selected locations. Please see our website for details at

We serve corporate clients and partner with other courier and transportation companies to deliver our excellent services.

What brought you to Greater Moncton?

In 2018, I moved to New Brunswick from British Columbia for business opportunities and a better cost of living.

What challenges have you faced as a black entrepreneur?

The top challenge I have faced is speaking the French language, which is challenging to convey. Another challenge has been to collaborate with other businesses, and lastly is finding dedicated delivery drivers.

What have been notable successes in your experience so far? 

Due to our tailored, rush services and competitive rates, we have expanded our services to more places outside Greater Moncton.

We have upgraded our website to align with the integration process with our potential business partners.

What advice would you give to someone in the Black community who wants to start a business?

I will advise that starting a business is about doing what you love. Please do not start a business because someone else is doing it. The focus should not be on how much money you will generate but on your passion for running the business effectively.

I love driving, and I can go for hours. I have been diving for over 17 years with no single incident. All glory be to God.

In conclusion, selling services is more cost-effective than selling products. Also, proper research about the potential business is advisable to avoid surprises.

Most importantly, self-determination is the key to successfully starting and operating a business.


Thank you,

Olatunji (Simeon) Osunkunle
MyWay Express Inc.