Jocelyn Chan moved to Canada from Beijing, China and noticed school hours are significantly shorter in Canada than in her homeland.

The difference was greatest in elementary and middle schools. Chan believes the young children could benefit from an increased emphasis on mathematics.

Chan graduated from St. Francis Xavier University and completed her MBA, CPA at Saint Mary’s University.  After 10 year working experience with JD Irving, and 5 year working as a CFO at a joint venture and a few medium size companies in the region. Jocelyn has decided to start a business venture on her own.

“Time in the math class is so short here compared to other parts of the world,” said Chan, a 35-year-old Moncton resident.

 “The students may have an hour a day in math class in our public school system,” she continued. “When you think of it, math is the foundation and the basis for so many things we need to learn in school and into adulthood.

“(Many) of the school children need more math knowledge.”

With that perspective, Chan is the franchise owner and centre director for Mathnasium of Moncton, a math-only learning centre for students in Grades 1-12.

The centre, located on Plaza Boulevard, is open Monday to Thursday and Saturdays for children who need tutoring or want to explore the world of advanced math.

There are more than 1,000 Mathnasium franchises in North America, but the Moncton location became the first physical store location in Atlantic Canada when it opened in October, 2020.

“All of our instructors have a passion for education and the importance of developing superior math skills,” Chan said.

“They have strong communications skills and they know how to engage the students in the program. The kids get to learn the basic skills and are involved in customized learning plans. Not all kids learn the same way, that’s why the individualized plans are so important.

“We pinpoint each students needs then take them where they need to go.”

Mathnasium of Moncton currently has now close to 40 active participants and Chan can see a marked difference in the students.

“We see them advancing and making great progress,” she said. “This does more than just improve their performances at school. It also gives them new confidence in themselves. They become better students in all of their studies.”

Chan expects the business to flourish as more students are exposed to the Mathnasium’s methods. The Moncton centre can easily accommodate about 150 students.