Masitek Instruments started in Moncton 10 years ago with just two employees and a plan to serve the beverage and packing industry. From its headquarters on Main Street, Masitek now has 10 employees in Canada with agents, distributors, and partners all over the world.

Masitek’s president and chief executive officer Tracy Clinch credits the company’s dedicated workforce for its consistent growth during the past decade. “Our business philosophy is to have a company with talented, engaged employees as we build quality products for global customers to improve their efficiencies and profitability,” Clinch stated.

Masitek builds real-time sensors that go into production processes to locate where damage can occur to fragile containers and food. The sensors can identify the source of damages within seconds and the company has more than 400 systems in place in 40 different counties.

Masitek embeds sensors in replicas of containers on the production line in order to measure the container’s performance during production.

“We have a unique combination of talent from all over the world,” Clinch said. “They have taken our original products and made them even more effective, expanded our product portfolio and built a support system for our global customers.”

“We want to continue to push our partnerships with industry leaders,” Clinch said. “We are consistently rewarded with the feedback from their facilities and how much we were able to assist with their improved efficiencies. This type of reward is what keeps us motivated and pushing our products to be better.”