February 20, 2020 (Moncton, NB) – The CEO of 3+ Corporation today released the report of an independent third-party investigation into allegations against a former employee and any potential wrongdoing by the corporation.

“Our clients and partners must be able to trust us. Earning and keeping that trust is of utmost importance,” said Susy Campos, CEO of 3+.  “3+ prides itself on being open, transparent and acting with integrity. That is why we are making the report of the investigation public.”

When 3+ learned of the allegations against a former employee, which appeared to implicate 3+, the Board and CEO acted swiftly to launch an internal review, which was then followed by an independent third-party review.

The independent investigation was conducted by Joël Michaud from the Pink Larkin law firm, of Fredericton. The firm was retained to conduct an investigation into Daniel Bard and his employment at the Corporation in addition to his private business.  Other allegations included that 3+ employees were aware of and assisted him with his private business dealings.

The third-party investigation concluded the alleged fraudulent actions by Mr. Bard were neither known nor authorized by 3+ or its employees.

“The unethical behavior by one individual does not represent how 3+ operates,” said Campos. “3+ and the board are satisfied that the investigation was thorough and confirms that 3+ was not involved in any wrongdoing.  We do, however, see this as an opportunity to learn and make improvements.”

As a result of the investigation, 3+ has undertaken a review of its policies. 3+ will immediately implement new policies and strengthen some existing policies:

  • Increase the rigour of the hiring process for all employees.
  • Ensure the current Code of Conduct signed by all employees is reviewed with them annually.
  • Strengthen 3+ current conflict of interest policy to require employees to seek written approval from the corporation if pursuing opportunities outside of 3+.
  • Develop a whistle-blower policy
  • Review the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy.

“We sincerely regret that anyone was impacted by the actions of this former employee,” said Campos. “We will continue to work hard to instill the confidence of our clients and partners.”

Media Contact:
Susy Campos

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