Can you introduce yourself and your business?

My name is Gold Levine-Kpai. I am an Entrepreneur and a  business owner. Goldilocks cleaning services is a super reliable and dependable cleaning business for residents and offices. We deliver stellar services and pride ourselves on being meticulous and detailed.

What brought you to Greater Moncton?

The peace and Tranquility

What challenges have you faced as a black entrepreneur?

The cleaning business is a large one with fierce competitors out there and breaking into the market, gaining people’s trust takes a lot of hard work, patience, money, and time.

What have been notable successes in your experience so far? 

The cleaning industry may not be the most glamorous or complex, but it is rewarding in these times. The past year has taught me a lot in growing my business. training offered to entrepreneurs by different state agencies such as 3PLUS and BDC has provided a platform for small businesses to be informed, trained, grow, and succeed. Areas such as organizational, marketing, operational and managerial skills are enhanced through those trainings.

What advice would you give to someone in the Black community who wants to start a business?

My advice for someone in the black community is: In growing a business as an Entrepreneur, Always have a plan. quickly recognize the common pitfalls associated with the growth of your business which is essential and crucial if your business is to thrive and succeed and quickly address it. Remember that the steps you take today would determine the success of your business in the long run.


Thank you,

Gold Levine-Kpai
Goldilocks Cleaning Services
506 588-3069