Downtown Moncton Centre-Ville Inc is a not-for-profit organization charged with curating and promoting the downtown. Gabrielle Goguen Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Downtown Moncton Centre-Ville Inc has developed a concept that will beautify and create a welcoming area for all to enjoy, which is a testament to their goals and vision for the future!

Since Mid-March of 2021 Downtown Moncton Centre-Ville Inc has worked tirelessly on a placemaking project, to be enjoyed by all, in the heart of the downtown. The idea for this sign came to life after hours of research on similar placemaking projects around the world such as the New York LOVE sign, the Heart in Toronto and the “2021” in Charlottetown PEI. “There are so many examples around the world yet the ones that stood out were projects and installations that were so fun, people just had to take their pictures with them.” To learn more, we spoke with Gabrielle Goguen who oversaw this initiative.

This project blossomed early afternoon on June 23rd as installation began in the Assumption place courtyard on Main Street. In neon letters you can read “Downtown Moncton Centre-Ville” in DMCI’s branded shade of pink. A noticeable addition that illuminates the city sky. This 9 by 12-foot sign is a picture-perfect background that adds a youthful spirit to the streets of the downtown. An easily accessible location creates a space everyone can enjoy regardless of ethnicity, socio-economic status, mobility issues, etc. This sign is the perfect place for gatherings and events in our ever-evolving city, the possibilities are endless!

The motivation for this sign was to help re-connect the community after a year of hardships. As the veil of the pandemic began to lift, the habits of the community remained the same and people were staying home. “There was a perception that it wasn’t safe to go out even though our local businesses were following precautions and were ready to safely welcome patrons back into their establishments.” Gabrielle added. The need for this project came from a need to revitalize the downtown and re-energize the downtown businesses.

According to Gabrielle the vision for this sign is to encourage people to adopt a behaviour that incorporates this sign as a part of the Downtown Moncton Centre-Ville experience! “Initially there is a desire to take a picture with the sign however, the follow through behaviour becomes spending time at coffee shops, pubs, restaurants and merchants.” Gabrielle stated. Evidently the movement of buying and supporting local is present in Moncton. This is just one of many more projects to come that influences a safer and more welcoming Downtown.


Nicholas Caissie and Parker Barriault, 3+ Corporation