Building a vibrant economy and region requires strong leadership and a collective voice. The Driving Force is that voice. It’s based on the idea that a rising tide benefits everyone, and that you will receive in direct proportion to what you contribute. Your investment will go towards regional marketing and workforce development. It’s about coming together as a united voice for the prosperity of our region.

Yellow Door Realty


It started with a desire to grow and a vision of how things ‘could be’.  A community-driven team of Realtors built on integrity as it’s core value.  Individuals thriving in a supportive environment.  Each member of the team contributing their knowledge and unique skills sets, sharing information and insights, asking and answering questions for continuous growth.  Real Estate is such a competitive industry.  This mindset of building each other up, so we can provide more insight and better support to our clients, is not common.  When we couldn’t find the magic combination we were searching for, we decided to build it for ourselves.

When we began this journey in real estate, it was very important to us to be able to help others in a meaningful way.  To be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  Many Realtors do this work on their own with the guidance of their agency.  We knew from the beginning we wanted to be a part of a team.  The first time Lori and Melissa met they realized they had a common vision.  And so they founded the ‘Yellow Door Team’ and began building a team Realtors with that common vision in mind.  We don’t have a mission statement, but if we did, working from a place of integrity would be at the core of that statement.  Working to lift others up, to help others achieve their goals, and work towards their dreams is something each member of our team aims to accomplish.  That holds true both when working with our clients and working with each other.  We do a deep dive into our client’s wants and needs so we can truly understand the them, which in turn facilitates the process of finding their perfect real estate solution. The word team means a lot to us, and when you work with us, you become part of it.

We are also driven by the future and the innovation it holds. We are curious and are always looking forward to new ways to innovate. We believe this makes us unique and holds the key to our superpower.

Through it all, respect is key.  We believe even the hardest conversation and situation can be met with integrity and positivity. We are not afraid of hard work, and have been known to achieve great results while maintaining that integrity.

Above all else, we believe in creating meaningful long-term relationship with all our clients and partners.

Melissa Doucet

A University of Ottawa grad and Moncton resident since 2007, Melissa is an enthusiastic member of the community. Leveraging her experience as a successful business owner, Melissa is known for her outstanding client service, high-tech marketing techniques, personal touches, and as a skilled negotiator with her client’s best interest at heart. She brings her expertise through her knowledge of the market, communication skills, and a well-established network. Whether you are buying or selling, Melissa understands the process can often be challenging and complicated. She focuses on taking the pressure off, so clear and concise decisions can be made throughout the process.

Lori Black

Although Lori is a business grad with a major in Marketing, she refuses to be called a sales person.  Following a career in Marketing in the telecom industry in Calgary, Alberta, Lori repatriated to her home province of New Brunswick and served as a Stakeholder Relations Specialist, in the Investment attraction division of Opportunities NB with the Province of New Brunswick. Client relations and customer service is where her heart lies.  Change can be challenging…even when it’s positive. Supporting people through times of major life change is what motivated Lori to become both a licensed REALTOR and a certified Interior Decorator and the to join Remax Avante team. Whether buying or selling a home, there are so many details to consider along the path to a closed deal. Always maintaining confidentiality, Lori’s goal is to deliver the highest standard of customer service to her clients by helping them navigate the process, ensuring they have everything they need to make informed decisions every step of the way, ultimately helping them accomplish their personal goals in the purchase or sale of their home while negotiating the best possible terms.