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Tracy Clinch

Tracy is President and CEO of Masitek Instruments Inc. Responsible for the strategic direction of the company’s technology and business development, Tracy is credited with Masitek’s successful export strategy, with sales of more than 400 systems in 40 countries to date. Recently, she has also led a vast enhancement of company’s smart sensor product suite and a strategic expansion of its global distribution network. In 2017, she was recognized as one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs and in June 2018, Masitek was named the Top Exporter of the Year by Opportunities New Brunswick.

Before starting MASITEK in 2010, Tracy led global marketing efforts at McCain International and was a member of the Global Marketing Team. With international business development leadership at McCain and Masitek, Tracy has a reputation for driving results with industry experience in both beverage and agriculture sectors.

Masitek Instruments leads the world in real time sensor detection of damage to fragile containers and food goods in production processes. With more than 400 systems in 40 countries, Masitek supplies the world leaders in food and beverage with data needed to drive efficiencies inline and in transport, resulting in better product quality and more profit.

For handlers and manufacturers in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, MASITEK offers state of the art, real time wireless detection and reporting technologies designed to immediately identify and quantify damage to fragile goods in production, packaging and distribution systems. Their innovative sensor technology helps reduce downtime, enhance product integrity and increase global scalability, productivity and profits.