Building a vibrant economy and region requires strong leadership and a collective voice. The Driving Force is that voice. It’s based on the idea that a rising tide benefits everyone, and that you will receive in direct proportion to what you contribute. Your investment will go towards regional marketing and workforce development. It’s about coming together as a united voice for the prosperity of our region.

Peach Marketing


Dave Landry


Dave is a marketer and entrepreneur with an impressive set of technical and strategic skills. As a natural storyteller and dreamer, over the years he has helped numerous companies, in various industries such as tourism, hospitality, manufacturing and technology, reach their goals through creative and innovative ideas. His curiosity and positive mindset has fueled his hunger to continue developing new ideas and raising the bar.

Company bio:

Founded as a digital marketing service provider in 2016, Peach has grown into a full-service marketing agency driven by a driven team of dedicated and motivated individuals. Peach Marketing has helped numerous businesses and organizations across Atlantic Canada by empowering them to build their brands and achieve results with innovative marketing solutions.

Our mission is simple— To create stories that can’t be ignored.