Building a vibrant economy and region requires strong leadership and a collective voice. The Driving Force is that voice. It’s based on the idea that a rising tide benefits everyone, and that you will receive in direct proportion to what you contribute. Your investment will go towards regional marketing and workforce development. It’s about coming together as a united voice for the prosperity of our region.



Mary Butler

As an educator and entrepreneur, Mary believes lifelong learning is a catalyst for individual and collective growth. Mary has worked in both the public and private education sector in multiple jurisdictions in Canada and the United States and has worked with learners at all stages from pre-school through primary, secondary, and now post-secondary education. Central to her values and practice is her commitment to every individual’s right and opportunity to reach their full potential. Joining the NBCC family in 2011, Mary led the creation and growth of several new initiatives in applied research and innovation, entrepreneurship and community leadership. She initiated, and continues to champion, the transformation of NBCC’s long-standing academic model to better meet the needs of students, the labour market, and communities. A native of Louisiana, Mary immigrated to Canada in 1999 and has been a Canadian citizen since 2004. An active member in her chosen community, Mary has been a long-time volunteer with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program and also volunteers with Meals on Wheels. She is a representative on numerous boards and committees at the provincial, regional, and national level including the Board of Directors of Colleges and Institutes Canada.