Building a vibrant economy and region requires strong leadership and a collective voice. The Driving Force is that voice. It’s based on the idea that a rising tide benefits everyone, and that you will receive in direct proportion to what you contribute. Your investment will go towards regional marketing and workforce development. It’s about coming together as a united voice for the prosperity of our region.

LAC Group


Mario Theriault

Mario is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with close to 30 years of experience in information services. He founded ShiftCentral in 2000 and grew it to become the leading independent market intelligence agency in North America. The LAC Group acquired it in 2019. Its innovative approach to custom curation, combining the skills of leading analysts and key tools, has enabled us to support clients’ blue-chip roster on an ongoing basis.

Mario has been consistently involved in business development and strategy efforts throughout his career. He has also overseen all business aspects, from acquisitions to partnerships, from financial oversight to marketing and talent attraction.

He started his career as a bilingual broadcast journalist in Toronto. In between journalism and ShiftCentral, Mario was also a partner of a communications agency and executive of an innovative cable company.

Presently, Mario serves as Chair of the Board of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. He is an active member of the community, volunteering with economic development agencies, my Alma Mater, and a host of other groups.


LAC Group is a team of skilled librarians, analysts, researchers, archivists, and consultants. With over 30 years of experience, LAC Group’s mission is to be the trusted leader in optimizing and leveraging information, both digital and analog, by leveraging world-class talent and expertise.