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Ashford Properties


Ryan Gillespie

Ryan was born and raised in Moncton NB. After graduating from STFX in 2015 with a business degree he began his real estate career at Ashford Properties. Ryan currently oversees Ashford’s northern New-Brunswick and Nova-Scotia operations, and he also runs the commercial leasing department with his father Patrick. Ashford Properties has been a leader in the Moncton commercial real estate space for the last 26 years. The company constantly seeks innovative and intuitive development opportunities to contribute to the overall growth of Atlantic Canada.

Ashford Properties is a rental properties company that provides local businesses and non-profits in greater Moncton the spaces they need to thrive. They help companies and corporations find the perfect space for their needs when it seems like they have searched all over. This is all backed by their belief that while we face constraints and issues we can push forward and find a better way forward.