The Co-operators has a substantial corporate presence in the Greater Moncton area, but the general insurance and financial services company remains close to the roots it established 75 years ago in the prairies of Western Canada.

The Co-operators was formed by a group of farmers who found that traditional insurance companies could not meet their needs. They wanted to build a community-based organization that would serve them better.

“We are a business, but what sets us apart is our commitment to our clients,” said Steve Smallwood, district manager for New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

“We are a co-operative, and we operate with that approach because we are truly there for our clients,” he added. “Our 45 member-owners across the country believe in giving back to their communities. It’s what The Co-operators has always been about.”

Today, The Co-operators has more than a million clients across Canada. This includes about 8,000 households in Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe.

The regional head office, located in downtown Moncton, has 300 employees working in its contact center, claims, underwriting and support departments. In addition, The Co-operators also has five agencies in the Greater Moncton area, which employ 30 staff focused on directly serving clients.

“We are not a high-pressure sales organization,” Smallwood noted. “Yes, we measure sales. But we also measure what we are doing, treat our employees respectfully and are proud of being a sustainable company with policies that are good for Canadians and their communities.”

In Greater Moncton, The Co-operators has generously supported Youth Impact Jeunesse, Crossroads for Women, Food Depot Alimentaire, the SPCA, Magma, mental health centres and several other local, community-based associations.

“We attract employees who believe in supporting their community and giving back,” said Smallwood, who has been with the Co-operators for 38 years. “We are all on the same page and it’s special when we all work together on community projects.”