southeastern New Brunswick CONNECTOR PROGRAM

What is the connector program?

The Connector Program helps newcomers, immigrants, recent graduates, and unemployed/underemployed individuals grow their professional network in Southeastern New Brunswick This award-winning program will put you directly in contact with Connectors (business owners and operators, managers, civil servants, and community leaders) who work in the same field as you!


You’ll be matched with a Connector based on industry experience and professional background. Once the connection has been made, you’ll receive an introduction email to set up a meeting with your Connector.


You will meet with your Connector for 30 minutes to discuss industry trends, skills and areas of expertise, related news, current market demands, and hidden job opportunities in Southeastern New Brunswick.


Your Connector will then refer you to a minimum of three people in their network. These referrals may be other potential employers or influential leaders within their industry.

Meeting with a connector will help you:

  • Enhance your networking skills

  • Build your professional network

  • Improve your job search

  • Connect you to hidden job opportunities

Get started today!

Marie-Line Morneault

Connector Program Coordinator