David Briggs is a fifth-generation maple producer, and he is befittingly proud of his company’s roots.

The president and owner of Briggs Maples, with locations in Riverview and Hillsborough, also keeps a keen eye on the future, knowing that sweet success comes from diversification and adapting to market trends.

“Offering maple syrup products that nobody else has done has opened many doors and offered more opportunities,” Briggs explained. “Diversifying into selling maple equipment bottles, supplies and packaging has helped a lot over the last six years,” he said. “It has given us a much better product line and larger customer base in area in which we cover.

His great, great grandfather started selling maple products in the Greater Moncton area in the mid-1800s.

Briggs Maples was incorporated in 2009 and it will be amalgamating with its partner company – Rocky Mountain Maples – in 2021. Both companies are owned by David and his wife Sherry.

Rocky Mountain Maples was incorporated by David and his father Lea in 1998. His father operated seasonally before that, under ‘L. Briggs and Family Maples.’

“The merger will make life easier for us as we will operate everything under the one name instead of two,” David said. “It will be a much more streamlined company.”

Briggs will build an addition on the company’s warehouse, located just five minutes from the Hopewell Rocks. He expects the expansion to create more retail opportunities. The maple-producing industry has honored Briggs with several awards over the years.

“Briggs Maples strives to manufacture maple syrup and maple products in small batches to ensure quality and freshness,” the company president noted.

Briggs said he is proud of carrying on a family tradition while offering products and services to others in the maple business.

“We continue to deliver most of our own goods right to the customers’ door to ensure a better working relationship with every customer on a more personal basis. We stand behind our products 100 per cent and believe customer service on a personal level is the key to success.”