Automotive markets are changing quickly, but BMW and Mini Moncton are well-positioned to adapt to all the changes.

BMW and Mini Moncton, located on Ferdinand Boulevard in Dieppe, is an authorized retailer for BMW automobiles, Mini, BMW 1 (electric) and BMW M (motorsport) vehicles. The dealership also offers used vehicle sales, parts sales, and service.

General manager Christopher Bacich said the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked some changes to the business. “In the automotive world, electric is really driving new business,” Bacich explained. “We are fortunate to work with a brand that will be able to build gas, diesel, plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles on the same production line. This will allow us to adjust to the market and to the change of the needs of the customer.”

BMW and Mini Moncton, which has 30 full-time employees and several part-time workers, opened in 2008. It is a component of the Lounsbury Group of Companies, which was established in 1878 and remains one of New Brunswick’s longest-running businesses. Lounsbury Group was exclusive to General Motors’s products in its automotive division. BMW and Mini Moncton was its first association with a foreign brand.

“Our philosophy,” Bacich said, “has always been to offer premium brands and service with a Maritime flavour.” The general manager said the stalwart group of employees and loyal customers have been the keys to the success of the company. “We have been able to cultivate a dedicated team that works together in a respectful and inclusive environment,” Bacich noted. “Second, we have been so fortunate to have an amazing group of customers who continue to support us every day.

“We also represent one of the finest automotive brands in the world.”

BMW and Mini Moncton has continually supported local charities and events since the dealership opened. It has often been recognized by BMW and Mini Canada for superior sales and customer satisfaction. “The more we invest in local, the more growth and prosperity we will see,” Bacich said. “This has always been a core value for the Lounsbury group.”