City of Moncton’s bold and confident move to build the Centre Avenir Centre will spark downtown development, and 3+ Corporation is ready to play an integral role in supporting that development.

Don Moore, director of entrepreneurship and business start-up for 3+ Corporation, said the City of Moncton has a “clear vision” for downtown and it should be applauded for looking at long-term development.

“While there are going to be immediate benefits, others will come three, four or five years down the road. One thing is for sure: the downtown centre is going to be a great economic asset to Greater Moncton,” Moore said.

The city invested in the centre to replace the aging Moncton Coliseum and to revitalize downtown. Since the centre’s announcement, there has been a flurry of investment and Kevin Silliker, the city’s director of economic development, expects $108 million worth of new downtown projects by 2023. Before 2017, the city issued $8–20 million a year in downtown building permits, but the figure soared to $45 million in 2017 and it hit $28 million during the first half of 2018.

Moore said the centre would spur the opening of new businesses, while others will expand. Support businesses, like restaurants, clubs, and stores will flourish. Also, business will be done in the new centre.

“Luxury boxes and other business-friendly rooms will give businessmen and women the chance to meet and talk with each other. They will get business done while enjoying a sports event or other shows,” Moore said.

Moore also stated that 3+ Corporation looks forward to working with all interested businesses looking to set up shop downtown. “3+ Corporation can provide technical help or general business counselling, including options for funding. There are a lot of exciting days ahead,” Moore added.