Greater Moncton (New Brunswick) September 18, 2017 – The Greater Moncton region has been named one of North America’s “Hot Spots” for new distribution warehousing operations owing to its well-developed transportation and warehousing infrastructure and access to intermodal facilities, according to Boyd Company Inc., an internationally recognized corporate site selection firm based in Princeton, NJ. Greater Moncton was also ranked as the most cost-effective location in North America in the survey.

Boyd’s findings were published in the “State of Logistics” 2017 special issue of ‘Supply Chain Quarterly’, the official publication of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, (Full article: “Greater Moncton has a significant cost advantage over many American and Canadian cities in the supply chain. We know that one of the key and unique strengths of Greater Moncton area is in the field of logistics; including warehousing and distribution, trucking and fulfilment” says Eric Mourant, President & CEO of 3+ Corporation.

“Beyond its reputation as the distribution hub of Atlantic Canada, the Greater Moncton area’s digital infrastructure and tech-savvy, bilingual workforce provides our DC clients special opportunities for co-locating additional support functions at the lower-cost warehouse setting, like accounting, finance, customer service and I.T. – this is a growing trend both here in the States as well as in Canada,” says John H. Boyd, principal of the site selection firm.

With over 300 firms and 5,100 people employed, one of Greater Moncton’s major economic industries is the Transportation and Warehousing sector. Per capita, there are more workers in the transportation, logistics and warehousing industry in Greater Moncton than in any other Canadian metropolitan area, making it an important hub bridging major Transatlantic, East Coast and Central North American population centres.