Transport & Logistics

Located at the geographic centre of the Maritime Provinces, Greater Moncton has become a hub for transportation and logistics services in Atlantic Canada.

There are over 300 firms active in the transportation, logistics and warehousing sector in Greater Moncton. In total, these firms employ more than 5,100 people. Adjusted for population size, there are more people working in the transportation, logistics and warehousing sector in Greater Moncton than any other CMA across Canada.

Transportation firms

Greater Moncton is the head office location for two of Canada’s largest road transportation firms: Armour Transportation and Midland Transportation as well as more than a dozen other national firms.

Regional distribution centres

There are 27 different firms in the Greater Moncton area with warehousing operations including two offering refrigerated storage services.

Air cargo

The Greater Moncton International Airport is an important air cargo hub in the Maritime Provinces loading and unloading 25,300 metric tonnes of cargo in 2012.

The GMIA ranks 10th among airports across Canada for the total amount of cargo handled. Adjusted for population size, the GMIA handles more cargo than any other airport in Canada.

In addition, the GMIA largest courier hub in Atlantic Canada with FedEx Express Canada, Purolator and UPS all using the airport as a base for regional distribution.

Rail cargo

CN operates an intermodal terminal in Greater Moncton that provides rail shipping connection across North America. All rail traffic through the Port of Halifax is shipped through Greater Moncton. The CN line to Saint John connects with NB Southern Railway for additional rail connections into the United States.