There are more than 190 manufacturing firms located in Greater Moncton. The manufacturing sector built up around the community’s geographic strengths, competitive costs and a history of dynamic entrepreneurship.  There are more than 5,000 people employed in the sector making it the third largest manufacturing centre in Atlantic Canada. Food manufacturing is particularly strong with 29 establishments and 1,300 employees.  Molson Coors operate a regional brewery in the community.  Amcor and Pepsi provide bottling services for regional markets in Atlantic Canada. Other food manufacturers including Fancy Pokket and Bonte Foods have production facilities that service a regional clientele. Wood and paper related manufacturing employs more than 1,500 workers in Greater Moncton. This segment of the industry is anchored by Irving Consumer Products and Norampac. There are also more than 800 people employed in metal fabrication and equipment manufacturing with Apex Industries and SPIELO as the two largest players.

In the 2014 KPMG Competitive Alternatives Report, Greater Moncton featured one of the lowest cost environments for manufacturing operations compared to any location in North America and Europe.