Business Services to New Citizens

A Cultural Mosaic of Entrepreneurship!

3+ Corporation is dedicated to helping business immigrant entrepreneurs succeed in their new businesses and ventures.  We aim to connect you with the community and provide you with the resources you need to get your business started.
With programs aimed specifically at newcomers, 3+ Corporation is invested in fostering the growth of our community

“La Ruche” provides guidance and support services to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.  
3+ Corporation is pleased to extend its business expertise to newcomers by providing them with an office from which to run their business.
Business Immigrant Mentorship Program (BIMP) allows immigrant entrepreneurs to learn from successful and experienced members of the Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview business community. Mentors guide immigrant entrepreneurs through a 6-month process of developing a network and establishing a business venture.

3+ Corporation works in collaboration with CAFI, MAGMA, the City of Dieppe, City of Moncton and Town of Riverview to ensure our newcomers have all the tools they need to be happy and successful in our region!