Our Geographic advantage

There are advantages to being located at the geographic centre of three Canadian provinces, as well as being strategically located within the North America - Europe corridor shortly benefiting of multilateral Free Trade Agreements that will tie these two major trading blocks further together.

All main highways go through Greater Moncton. Road and rail traffic coming to and from the Port of Halifax passes through the community.

The airport services attracts clients from all three provinces. Even the regional telecommunications infrastructure hubs through Greater Moncton. Many of the top recreational or tourist activities in the Maritime Provinces are either in Greater Moncton or within a short drive of the area. 


Largest catchment area in Atlantic Canada

There are an estimated 1.4 million people living within a 2.5 hour drive of Greater Moncton, giving the community the largest population catchment area of any urban centre in Atlantic Canada.

This has led to the community becoming a large retail, recreation and services hub.